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----Teambuilding ---- In- & Outdoor

– Building new or restructured teams
– Getting to know each other intesively
– Strengthening the team spirit

While the focus of our teamevents is on the positive experience of community, additional reflection units in teambuilding ensure that the exchange about the individual backgrounds, wishes and needs in the team is not neglected. Professionally accompanied by our qualified team trainers.
For more understanding and an intensive experience of getting to know each other in the team.

Teamtraining with climbing

Our team training with climbing combines an exciting outdoor experience with the development of skills in the community.
We value promoting team cohesion and trust in the group through mutual belaying while climbing.

The climbing activities we offer are always supervised by our trainers on a four-eyes principle, so that the safety of the participants is guaranteed at all times.


In classic team training, the focus is on “creating trust” and “cooperation and communication in the team” to strengthen the class community. All tasks and exercises take place depending on local possibilities, on the ground, climbing or in the area of low rope structures.
All our programs can be booked for one or more days, depending on the time available and the desired intensity of the program.

Teamevent raftbuilding

Ropes loose for your self-made rafts. Build the fastest, most beautiful or smallest sailable raft out of barrels, boards and ropes. Adapted to the team situation, we design a challenging, eventful training, in which it is guaranteed to show at the end how well the cooperation has worked.


Team-Event Geocaching

In small teams you will go on an exciting “treasure hunt”. Of course, the first station must first be found with the help of the GPS. When your group has arrived at the given coordinates, it’s time to search. This can be team tasks, climbing, or tasks with water, all of which can be clues to the hiding place of the box or so to get the coordinates from the teamer.
The content of the box or the teamer will tell you how the geocaching continues. But we are sure you will be able to manage it and you will move on to the next station. Here you will already have some experience.  Everyone works together, spreads out at the coordinate point to find the next box. Sometimes, however, it is too tricky. You simply can’t go on alone. That’s why our teamer is there. The difficulty level will be adjusted to the group.

Intuitive archery

In intuitive archery – unlike in sport archery – the number of hit rings plays a subordinate role, rather the focus is on the mental exercise.

“Concentration and inner collection are essential moments” and “Intuition is in the foreground”.
One shoots from the inside, so to speak, from the gut. Another characteristic of intuitive shooting is the renunciation of technical aids. The shooter experiences the process of shooting intensively. The build-up of tension when the bow is drawn and the release of tension when the arrow is released – while simultaneously aiming at the target.

“Target and shooter become one reality”.

Through the concentrated tension and relaxation and the direct interaction of mind and body, intuitive archery can release blockages, relieve stress and achieve mental goal alignment. All together this creates the basis for inner balance and calmness. In addition, the musculature is strengthened and built up, especially in the upper back area.


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